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Live an Empowered Life

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**17th November 2021: We are now at COVID-19 Level 2 alert for Hamilton & Level 3, Step 2 in Auckland. All appointments continue to be via Telehealth (online similar to Zoom and Skype) but please chat to your Counsellor/Psychologist as they may be providing face-to-face in Hamilton**

Empowered Life is all about walking alongside you with the holistic support you need. We provide Mirimiri (traditional Māori massage), fully funded counselling for ACC Sensitive Claims, fully funded sessions via your GP, and psychological help for anyone that is dealing with the impact of abuse, trauma, and mental health issues.

Our goal is to help you live an empowered life using holistic ways of supporting physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

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We are passionate about providing help and support for free to those who need it. 

Finances should never be a barrier to getting the help and support you need. Which is where we come in at Empowered Life.

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We are an ACC Sensitive Claims Supplier providing counselling for those who have experienced sexual trauma. We provide private counselling for a range of mental health issues and MiriMiri massage in line with Tikanga a Rongoa.



We have an expert team of counsellors, coaches, social workers and psychologists who come from a mix of different cultures, backgrounds and skillsets located all over New Zealand.

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