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At Empowered Life

we care about your

overall health and wellbeing.

Could your body be holding onto too much tension?

Chances are, the answer is yes if you have experienced recent trauma or high levels of stress.

Deeply-held tension in the body can begin to impact the way you live your life. If not properly treated, it can result in pain and illness, affecting your physical, spiritual and mental well being.


Mirimiri is a form of traditional Māori massage and is the perfect remedy for releasing body tension.

Depending on your needs, Mirimiri can be light and relaxing or a deep tissue therapeutic massage. It can be applied over light clothing or directly onto the skin using oil.

Drawing on centuries of traditional healing lore, Mirimiri uses a holistic approach that restores wellness to your body, mind and spirit.

To receive the total effects of Mirimiri, it is advised to be kind to your body, take life easy and drink plenty of water in the days following your treatment. The realignment process takes several days, so doing this allows you to receive the full benefits of the treatment. 

We are passionate about treating your overall health and ensure that we work within Tikanga ā-Rongoā - the guidelines set forth by the Ministry of Health.

For more information about Rongoā Māori and its benefits, you can click here.

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