Two women having a coffee meeting

At Empowered Life

we care about you
and your future. 

Our Vision

We want a New Zealand where everyone has the chance to live life in an empowered way. That means easy access to fully funded counselling and psychology support to overcome the impact of trauma and abuse.

Our Mission

We help the children and adults of New Zealand by empowering them with the tools and resources they need to overcome anxiety, depression, sexual abuse and any other mental health conditions that are hindering them from living their best life.

Our mission is to empower people when they are in distress and help them to overcome trauma.

Empowered Life offer ACC Sensitive Claims counselling services in communities and prisons across New Zealand.

Two women having a coffee meeting

Our Story

The mental health statistics in New Zealand are worrying. Many people are in absolute crisis and are unable to get the help they need due to finances, social barriers or circumstance.

After many years in the health and disability sector, Kerryn Treanor decided that needed to change. Armed with a BSocSc (Hons) in Psychology and a heart full of passion, she set out to get help and support to the people who needed it most.

Now, the Empowered Life team deliver fully funded counselling and psychological help to people dealing with the effects of trauma - particularly sexual trauma.

With a diverse mixture of counsellors to support her mission, Empowered Life offer ACC Sensitive Claims counselling services in communities and prisons across New Zealand. 

Empowered Life are cutting down the barriers for New Zealanders with their team of experienced, compassionate ACC registered counsellors.

Sometimes life throws you a curveball and you find yourself in an unexpected situation. But, that doesn’t have to be the end - that is not the final chapter of your story.

With Empowered Life, you can rewrite the ending. You deserve to live an empowered life you love and we want to help you build that by walking alongside you every step of the way.


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We are always looking for Counsellors and Psychologists to join our growing team. If you would like to truly make a difference with your work, then we’d love to chat.

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