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At Empowered Life

we help you deal with the effects of trauma.

Finding the right counsellor or therapist is like finding the right pair of shoes. Sometimes you have to try on a few different pairs before you get the ones that fit you perfectly. We encourage our clients to speak up if they find the therapist we have allocated is not the right fit, so we can find someone who is.

This is YOUR journey and YOU are in the driver’s seat. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible.

  • Free ACC Sensitive Claims counselling

  • Free counselling via referral from your GP

  • Free Raise workplace Counselling and Coaching

  • Coaching with Kerryn 

  • Counselling packages 

We currently provide:


ACC Sensitive Claims

Available to any adult or child who has experienced sexual trauma or violence in New Zealand.

What that could include:

  • Fully funded Counselling services in Hamilton and Auckland 

  • Assistance with completing ACC Sensitive Claim forms

  • Support for your whānau through Social Workers and Psychologists

Our ACC funded services are designed to help empower you on your healing journey, whatever that may look like for your individual circumstances.

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